Friday, 21 August 2009

Kneel on Me!

While we were away we visited a little village called Axbridge. We found a lovely old old church that has beautiful kneelers for the congregation, they were all of different styles and designs but made using the same colours that you see above. This little fellow caught my eye, I took a sneaky pic when the warden wasn't looking our way!

Holiday Hobby

While me and the other half were away on holiday we developed a fascination with the 'help yourself' signs you often see in the countryside and in small villages during the summer. We saw fruit, flowers, veg and all sorts of things for the taking and door step sales with honesty jars set aside if the occupants were out. Here are a few from our new collection..........

I Love Colour Too - and Wood!

I was so excited when an ex - colleague of mine said she was having a clear out at school. She found a big bag of cuisenaire rods, sadly no longer in use. When I was a little girl at infant school we used them during our maths lessons, I thought they were fabulous because of all the different colours and the great sound they made when they clattered onto our wooden desks. I couldn't resist having a play with them, here I found different ways of making ten - the longest orange rod represents 10 units, blue 9 and so on.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

So-fa So Good

I recently made this denim cover for my other half's sofa-bed that sits in his new studio.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Fancy That!

Just got back from Birmingham, we managed to fit in a visit to The Fancy Silk Store in the centre of Brum. It's a dressmaker's dream filled with every type of fabric on each of its four floors. Here's a pic of some of the denim they have on offer.