Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nosing Around Hounds

More daschunds from barbarabearo central.

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Prick Your Finger said...

Hello Hounddogs.

I think second from the left in this picture is 'Mugwamp'. Mugwamp belongs to my Dad and his name is a Red Indian word meaning 'a politically independent thinker.' He looks good in Dad's brown leather chair, which is very comfortable except for the draft which chills Dad's neck. Mugwamp climbs up onto Dad's shoulders, deflecting the draft and helping Dad snooze for long periods of time. When they are awake, Mugwamp likes Elvis Presley, especially 'nothing but a hound dog' and shakes his head from side to side, flapping his ears. Mugwamp has fitted into the family with ease, being the dog we have always wanted and taking all the flack for the family's farting.
Love from Rachael