Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Latest Offerings

I've now finished the button embellished denim snowflake baubles I started last week, together with some santa baby bears including my poor one legged sample bear ( I was a bit rough when turning her the right side out though....shame! They'll be for sale on Saturday at the Mangle Christmas   Sale together with some of my other creations including bears, draught excluder sausage dogs and foxes.


MariaTheresaNorma said...

Ooo... those denim snowflakes are lovely! And' I'll adopt the Raggy Doll bear if he needs a home!
Maria x x

I Love Denim said...

Ah, those Raggy Dolls!....made imperfectly....like you and me x x x x mumsie.

P.S. I haven't got a reject bin!

P.P.S. She's yours!