Friday, 21 September 2012

New York, New York!!!

Just back from a week long visit to New York. As always we packed in loads of sight seeing, art exhibitions and caught up with friends. The main reason for the trip was for the other half's show at the Sohotel Art Space which as always was fabulous - well done that man! I will be posting more photos of our adventures in the very near future as I gradually get back into my routine, which is going to involve more walking! We walked across two bridges this visit, the Williamsburgh and the Manhattan added to the Brooklyn Bridge we moseyed across a few years back. Wherever I go on my travels I always try to seek out haberdashery/ wool shops. This time I made a beeline for a shop called Purl Soho which satisfied all of my fabric and wool stroking tendencies as well as bombarding my eyes with a multitude of gorgeous colours and prints - ahhh bliss! I think I better go and lie down now, feeling woosey.......

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