Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Knitter Knatter

Here is my latest knitting project) I'm also working on a cardigan and a knee rug for my mother!. 

I was given a beautiful knitted cushion for my birthday a while back from lovely Ellie and on seeing it knew that one day I would learn how to knit that pattern. That day arrived when I came across an abandoned knitting project of mine from years ago (a grey cardigan with just the back completed), I decided that I would use up that wool together with some sparkly brights to make a little blanket. Ellie provided me with the pattern, which as she told me is very addictive!. And as you can see I have made a start, I had made up a few squares to practice, then on reflection I thought I'd prefer making strips of knitting rather than loads of squares that would need a lot of stitching up (the only part of knitting that I find tiresome!) I will keep you posted on my progress, it may take a while.......

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