Friday, 7 October 2011

Shut That Door!

Went to a great exhibition that has just opened at the British Museum with the other half. I have a weird block with this artist's name where I get him mixed up with two other great artists with similar sounding names. So whose work did we see ?.....errrrrrr........Larry Grayson - no! Perry Mason - no! I mean GRAYSON PERRY, yes third time lucky, Grayson Perry. I love them all so I hope I will be forgiven!'

It is an inspirational exhibition that celebrates craftsmen past and present and their well honed skills. GP spent two years trawling through the British Museum's archives to choose work to go along side his latest work. Check out what the exhibition is about here, I highly recommend it if you're in town.

Here you can see GP's teddy (not his actual special ted) sitting on his throne, on a bike that GP rode on during a tour around Germany. His bear called Alan Measles features greatly throughout this exhibition. 



nice post+lovely photos xxxx

I Love Denim said...

Hey! I couldn't have managed it with out you showing me so many useful tips!!!! xxxxxxx mumsie