Friday, 4 January 2013

Brunswick Visit

Last summer I went along with the other half to a wonderful evening party held at one of my favourite spots - Chelsea Physic Garden, hosted by Brunswick. I felt very meek as every person there was at the top of their profession, people working in business, charities, communications and so on. I felt slightly sheepish when I told the party goers that I was a toy maker, but I needn't have worried because they were interested in what I do. The lovely Frank who organised the event was so warm and welcoming, he took care of me and Rob all evening, he even took one of my cards!

A few weeks before Christmas I received an email from Frank's P.A Naomi inviting me to show my work at their work place in Lincoln's Inn Fields, I was mighty surprised and was considering not going as I'm a bit shy, but talking to the other half and to friends made me realise I could only gain by it, so with the help of Naomi a date was set in December.

I'm so glad that I agreed to visit as I had a great afternoon. I took a selection of the things that I make, together with a page explaining and what I do. I set up in a lovely room that looked out onto Lincoln Inn's Field, I'm afraid my photo doesn't do it justice! People came in ones and two's to look at my work and have a chat, some people even bought a few things! Everyone was positive and incredibly friendly - I made a mental note of all the good things that were said. It was a real boost to my confidence in my work. Thank you Frank and Naomi and thank you Brunswick People!

Here's a coincidence - I was born and brought up in Brunswick Road in Birmingham!

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