Thursday, 17 January 2013

Remains Of The Day

At the beginning of the year I went fabric shopping, something that I haven't done in yonks! It was a great morning, I went to Soho and went into the old shops that I used to go to and I discovered new shops too (new to me that is, ha ha!). I  rekindled my love of finding new fabrics, it was quite thrilling and has inspired me to go on searching for delicious fabrics wherever I find myself. I ventured into the basement of a shop called Misan, which is full of end of roll pieces and remnants - there I found a lovely piece of fabric that was begging to be made into ginger toms the results of which you can see's to fabrics old and new!!!!!!

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MariaTheresaNorma said...

What a nice cat family! And Misan sounds great, will have to check it out (though the temptation to spend money on lovely fabrics may be too strong...) x x x